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Human Resources & Training
Greet has consistently outperformed the BPO industry's growth rates. We have the ability to attract, retain and grow high quality talent. Our brand equity allows us to attract India's best skill holders and our diligent recruitment process ensures that we find the right employee for the right position. We care for our employees and invest in grooming them to excel at a global level. Customized training programs create a multi-skilled, highly motivated workforce thus increasing process efficiencies and leading to reduced operational costs.

Work Environment
Greet offers a healthy work environment in order to foster a feeling of belonging amongst employees and to facilitate personal growth as well as career advancement. This is complimented by a culture of professionalism, a commitment to meritocracy, an innovation driven organizational structure and lots of cross-functional work groups that result in real learning.

We continuously strive to meet employee expectations, be it recognition and rewards, incentives and benefits, professional development or educational growth. Greet has created a performance driven culture with incentivized packages that improves performance and rewards performers.

Constant two-way communication keeps the management abreast of employee issues and enables employees to keep track of the company's overall direction and goals. Daily team briefings, open houses with senior management and an open-door policy establishes transparency in our communication.

To provide a stimulating environment for our employees, we offer world-class outsourcing infrastructure with spacious, airy premises.


We recruit people for broadly two levels of employment: Entry-level operations for voice or transaction processing (Call Center Agents / Customer Service Associates) and Executive/Managerial level jobs.

At the Customer Service Associate (CSA) level, the ideal skill set includes strong written and verbal communication skills in English, an analytical approach and the self-confidence to learn and grow with the organization.A
positive attitude and the ability to work in teams is a given.

At a Mid to Senior Management level, skill sets and competencies are a given. The person's ability to perform and his career growth path are critical indicators of his ability to deliver above and beyond the expectations of his peers.


We invest considerable resources into training and thus enabling our employees to acquire multiple skills and knowledge across technical and managerial roles. This further offers them opportunities for vertical and lateral growth with our tools and programs being designed to meet specific needs.

At the Entry-level, six to eight weeks of voice and accent, cultural and process training is mandatory before an associate can hit the operations floor. In order to help employees rise up the ranks there are several tailored programs.


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