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Client contacts Lawyer for legal services   Lawyer collects all required info from Client   Lawyer passes this
Info to Greet using
standardized templates
online or via Secure
encrypted email
Communicate Questions/ clarifications
Communicate Questions/ clarifications
Lawyer reviews the Legal product / service (document review, memo, pleading, etc.) and uses it at his/her discretion   Greet emails
the prepared legal product using standardized templates via secure encrypted email to the lawyer for review
    Greet researches
the relevant laws/ statutes and prepares the legal product
Greet collects all the required Information from our customer   Greet transfers
the information via secure encrypted email to our attorneys in India
    Greet emails the prepared/reviewed documents to our customers via secure encrypted email
    Greet takes exceptional care in reviewing the finished product by implementing stringent quality control procedures     Our lawyers in India complete their research using online tools and prepare/review the legal product

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