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Greet for Offshore Software Development Services -

If you are looking for a firm that undertakes offshore software development services and provides high quality professional support to customers through the whole development process, utilising cost-effective methods; you are at the right place.

What Greet offers you?

Being located in India, gives Greet the added advantage of being able to provide quality offshore software development services with expertise at significantly lower costs, when compared to the West.

If you are looking at setting up a software development center for your co., we could set the same up in our premises at a fraction of the cost for the same capability of people you would be hiring in your own country.

We have a capable HR team who can hire a team of professionals based on your requirement to match your time. At a nominal management cost, they can be housed in our organization with the best infrastructure and complete all the jobs here just as they would be doing in your country.

Commitment & Secrecy:

The dedicated service of our software professionals is available 'all-round-the-clock'; to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. In addition, software containing sensitive intellectual property is handled with utmost secrecy.

Competitive Pricing:

Greet is extremely competitive & comprehensive. Greet provides more value for money, which gives you more out of your software budget.

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