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Communication Services

Let us handle those phone calls and emails that may overwhelm your business day. Our communication services include:

Call Screening

We’ll screen calls so you only talk to those you need to—keeping you productive. You can update your list of important callers through the employee management interface, or just call your assistant and tell them who is important for the day. When you do receive an important call, your assistant will call you to let you know you have a call. If you’re free to speak to the person, the call will be transferred to your local number.

Voicemail to Text

Voicemails clogging your inbox? We check your voicemails for you, transcribe the message and provide it to you by email.

Email Screening

Don’t spend time culling through bulk emails. We’ll screen the ones you need. On the road and can’t get to your email? We can also respond to your recipients with a message dictated to your assistant by phone.

Inbound Messages

Never miss a call, without ever picking up the phone! We take all messages for you.

Contact Someone Service

Too busy to track down someone important? We can do it for you.

Send / Receive Faxes

Faxing takes you time that you don’t need to spend. Let us handle the paperwork.

Transcription Service

Our professionals are ready to take notes and offer transcription services for anything you need.

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